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Each year, approximately 150,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer - but the early indicators of this deadly disease can be found before it's too late. Colorectal cancer is largely treatable when caught at this early stage, but sadly, due to low screening rates, fewer than 40 percent of cases are caught early.



InSure FIT Patient Instructions
InSure® FIT™
Patient Instructions

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About the InSure® FIT™ Test

The InSure® FIT™ test and its unique Blue Brush Method make it easier to screen for colorectal cancer.

Clinical studies have shown that the InSure® FIT™ test is highly sensitive for detecting blood in and around the stool, a key indicator of abnormalities in the colon and rectum that doctors use to help screen for colorectal cancer. 

The InSure® FIT™ test has an 87% sensitivity for colorectal cancer.1,2 In a study of patients who were at average risk, high risk or had no symptoms at all, InSure® FIT™ was found to have 33% greater sensitivity for colorectal cancer than a leading guaiac-based FOBT screening test.2

InSure® FIT™ Test Makes Annual Screening Easier

The InSure® FIT™ test kit provides a more convenient sample collection method, making annual colorectal cancer screening easier to fit into your life.  Doctors often say that the best test is the one that is completed.

Here’s why:

The InSure® FIT™ test is available from your doctor. The Patient Collection Kit contains everything you need to collect and submit test samples for analysis.



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