An Easy-to-Use Blue Brush
May Save Your Life

BrochurePrint the InSure® FIT™ Patient Education Pamplet to bring to your physician and Request The Test.



Take the Blue Brush Challenge!

Each year, approximately 150,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer - but the early indicators of this deadly disease can be caught before it's too late. Colorectal cancer is largely treatable when detected in the early stages, but sadly , due to low screening rates, fewer than 40 percent of cases are caught early.


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Using the InSure® FIT™ Patient Collection Kit and Test Card

How it Works

The InSure® FIT™ Test method is based on the detection of human hemoglobin (Hb). Human Hemoglobin indicates the presence of blood in the stool. The test detects the globin (protein) portion of the Hb molecule. Because globin does not survive passage through the upper gastrointestinal (g.i.) tract, any globin in the stool indicates that there is bleeding in the lower colon or rectum, the region where colorectal cancers originate.

Easy Sample Collection

  1. Your healthcare professional will give you an InSure® FIT™ Patient Collection Kit to take home with you.
  2. Take these instructions, Brush Kit and Test Card into the bathroom.
    Flush the toilet BEFORE your bowel movement.
  3. After your bowel movement, DO NOT PLACE USED TOILET PAPER IN THE TOILET BOWL. Instead, use one of the waste bags provided. DO NOT FLUSH the toilet.
  4. Lift the flap marked "A" or "LIFT HERE FOR SAMPLE 1" on the Test Card to uncover the small white square underneath.
    If the stool is loose, simply stir the water around the stool.
    Remove the brush from the water and gently shake it once to remove excess water and any clumps of stool.
  6. Transfer the WATER sample by gently dabbing the bristles of the brush onto the small white square on the Test Card for about 5 seconds (some staining of the square may occur).
    Put the used brush into the kit waste bag and throw away in your rubbish bin.
  7. For the first sample, PRINT YOUR NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, AND THE DATE THE SAMPLE WAS COLLECTED on one of the labels located on these instructions for use.
    Peel off the label and use it to reseal the flap marked "A" or "SAMPLE 1". See diagrams above for the correct positioning of label.
  8. Using the second blue brush, waste bag and the Test Card flap marked "B" or "LIFT HERE FOR SAMPLE 2", repeat steps 1- 6 shown above. Use the other label to reseal the B flap or SAMPLE 2.
    Place the Test Card in the envelope.
    Return to the indicated laboratory or medical professional office either by post or personal delivery.

How To Use

PDF Instructions for Use


Warnings & Precautions

Some conditions may cause a wrong result - you should not perform this test if:

  • You have hemorrhoids that are bleeding. 
  • You have blood in your urine, or if you see blood in the toilet bowl.  In this case, contact your doctor. 
  • It is during or within 3 days of your menstrual period. 
  • You have any bleeding cuts or wounds on your hands. 
  • The test card has passed its expiration date. 
  • The test kit is damaged, dirty, or appears to have been tampered with in any way. 
  • If your toilet water is saltwater or rusty.

Limitations of the Test

Because colorectal conditions may not bleed all the time, also blood may not be uniformly distributed in the stool, the test result may be negative even when blood or lower gastrointestinal disease is present. As with any fecal occult blood test, results obtained with the InSure® FIT™ test should not be considered conclusive evidence of the presence or absence of bleeding or disease. Your physician will make a diagnosis based on further testing and evaluation.