Offer Your Patients a Colorectal Cancer
Screening Test They May Actually Use

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InSure® FIT™ Information for Medical Professionals

With nearly 150,000 cases identified each year, colorectal cancer remains one of the medical community’s greatest diagnostic challenges. When colorectal cancers are detected at an early, localized stage, the 5-year survival is 91%; however, only 39% of colorectal cancers are diagnosed at this stage, in part due to underuse of screening. After the cancer has spread regioinally to involve adjacent organs or lymph nodes, the 5-year survival drops to 70%. When the disease has spread to distant organs, the 5-year survival is 11%.1

To help improve colorectal cancer screening compliance, physicians should consider the InSure® FIT™ screening test, which offers high sensitivity and ease of use:

  • Patient-friendly, water-based collection method, and patented brush sampling replaces unpleasant fecal collection or smearing
  • No dietary or medication restrictions
  • The InSure® FIT™ test had a 66% increase in patient compliance versus a guaiac-based fecal occult blood test (gFOBT) in one study.2

InSure® FIT™ is a CLIA waived test available for laboratory services and in-office / Physician Office Lab (POL) testing. For laboratory services contact your Clinical Genomics sales representative. For in-office / Physician Office Lab (POL) testing contact one of our distributor partners or Enterix Inc. at 1-800-531-3681.

For more information on the InSure® FIT™ test please complete the Information Request Form and a representative will contact you.

If you are already a user of InSure® FIT™ and are seeking additional information such as Instructions for Use (English or Spanish), Reply Forms (for in-office / POL format only), safety data sheets SDSs or educational resources please visit the Resources page.

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